On-Air Interviews:

Love Thy Neighborhood   "Where the Gospel Meets Tim Keller"     May 2024
Lighthouse Faith with Lauren Green 
"Interview based on Christina's 'Capture This' Christinaity Today article"  April 2024
NTD News "New Yorker Recounts 9/11 Terrorist Attack"  September 2020
We Are Iowa "Christina Ray Stanton remembers firsthand account of 9/11 attacks" September 2021
iheartradio September 2022
WORD-FM August 2023 Interview about Christianity Today piece that featured Jacob Riis & Alice Harris. WORD-FM "9/11 Interview" Setpember 2023

Wave 94.1 FM September 2022
Voices of America (Russian Language) "A Story of love for the city and the horrors on 9/11" September 2021
LADBible (British) "9/11- I was there" September 2021
LADBible (British) "19 Years on, 9/11 Survivors Recount their Experiences on that Fatal day" September 2020
Mashable.com "Meet one of the Original Online Dating couples from the 90s- The Stantons" February 2020
Fox News Interview "9/11 Boat Evacuation"  September 2021
Fox News Interview "How the 9/11 Terror Attacks Transformed One Woman's Faith"  September 2019
Fox News Interview/write up "A Story of Faith Transformed in the Midst of the 9/11 Terror Attack"  September 2019
CBN News "Finding God in the Shadow of 9/11"  September 2019
CBN News "Woman who Survived 9/11 Overcomes 2 COVID-19 Hospitalizations" April 2020
Brazilian TV "20 year Anniversary of 9/11" September 2021
TBN Victory News "Out of the Shadow of 9/11"  September 2021
Also appeared: The Paper (China), Taiwan TV, WCTV Tallahassee

Podcast & Radio Interviews:
The Gospel Coalition "Remembering 9/11" September 2021
"Life in NYC: Iconic Landmarks" May 2022
Artfully Told "Christina Stanton" March 2021
88 Ways Music Can Change Your Life Podcast "ChitChat with Christina Stanton" July 2021
A Place Called Through "Faith in the Face of COVID-19" February 2021 
Fox News Radio Interview "The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks and the Coronavirus"  September 2020
WYTV7 What's Your Story? "Surviving 9/11 and COVID-19"  October 2020
Christian Girls P.O.P Podcast  "Blessing in Disguise- Christina Stanton" November 2020 
Mostly Just Stories Podcast "Christina Ray Stanton"  April 2017
Something Significant Interview "Christina Stanton" November 2020
Fox News Radio Interview "A 9/11 Story Filled with Inspiring Faith" September 2019 
Fox News Radio Interview "Another Close Call" April 2020
NPR Interview WFSU "Tallahassee Native Writes About Finding Meaning at Home after 9/11"  September 2019
NPR Interview WFSU "Tallahassee Resident and 9/11 Survivor Relays her Bout with COVID-19"  October 2020
NY Gritty Podcast "I Love NY, Still"  April 2021
Conquering Everest Podcast "Out of the Shadow of 9/11"  April 2021
Blakopolypse Podcast "Surviving 9/11 and COVID-19"  May 2021
What Just Happened Podcast "I had a 50/50 Chance of Surviving this Virus" November 2020 

Additional Podcasts:
Climbing Everest April 2021           The Kim & Kalee Show April 2021
The MisFitNation Podcast May 2021  Choose 2 Think September 2021
The Lowe Down with Kevin Lowe June 2021 The Unfolding September 2021
Doing Business with God April 2021      More To Be August 2021
What's Your Story August 2021    Charisma Magazine August 2021
Missions Today "Finding Missions through 9/11"                       
Label Free Podcast April 2021      Dhruva News (India)          
Let Me Ask You Something June 2021   Words of Heart December 2021
Women who Rock with Success April 2021    
My Weirdest Experience August 2021 (2 episodes)   
The Call With Nancy Sabato September 2021     
Never Ever Give Up Hope September 2021   The Tiberius Show May 2022
Intelligent Coversations September 2021     The Grace & Hope Podcast May 2022
No Room To Talk Podcast November 2021    Post Traumatic Faith May 2022
OK Boomer "Tales of a NYC Tour Guide" February 2022 
Humanitarian Entrepreneur April 2022    Just Dumb Enough April 2022
Inspired Stewardship September 2022   Nothing Is Wasted podcast September 2022
Cool Explorations September 2022     Tiffani Talks  April 2023 
Notes on Resiliance 2023     Your Freedom Podcast May 2023    Living the Dream with Curveball  May 2023      Wellish May 2023       This is My Moment August 2023

Blog Features:
Becoming 31"Boss Lady- Christina Ray Stanton" June 2020
Midtown Reader blog post "Christina Ray Stanton with a Memoir of 9/11" September 2019
Book Review "Reflections on the Book "Out of the Shadow"  September 2019