Upcoming Appearances
Discovery Village  3260 N. Harbor City Blvd Melbourne, FL Tuesday, Feb 4, 2:00 pm
Westminster Palms St. Petersburg, FL Feb 7 2:30 pm 
First United Methodist Church of Clermont, FL, Feb. 9th, 2020
Kings Ridge Community of Clermont, FL, Feb 9th, 2020

Ongoing Appearances (1-3 events per month)
Marriott Pulse lecture series Manhattan, NYC
Junior Tours student tour groups Manhattan, NYC
I take tourists around the World Trade Center complex several times a week. Contact me if you'd like to join an existing tour or have me lead a private tour for yourself/your family!

Past Appearances

Rosebank Union Church Rays of Hope fundraiser Pretoria, South Africa, July 2019
Tana City Church Antananarivo, Madagascar, July 2019
Cobb Middle School Tallahassee, FL Sept 2019
School of Arts & Sciences Tallahassee, FL Sept 2019
Christ Church Academy Tallahassee, FL Sept 2019
Midtown Reader Book Event Tallahassee, FL Sept 11, 2019

First Baptist Church Tallahassee, FL Oct 25, 2019
Dalton Bookstore book event Franklin, NC Nov 2 11:00-1 pm
Barnes & Nobles Biltmore Town Sq Asheville, NC Nov 3 1:00
Midlands Christian Center Estcourt, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa Jan 12, 2020