Ongoing NYC events 
Two-hour tours of the 9-11 Memorial (sponsored through various tour companies)   2-4 events per week
Past Appearances
In-Store Book Events:
Barnes & Nobles Biltmore Town Sq Asheville, NC Nov, 2019
Dalton Bookstore book event Franklin, NC Nov, 2019
Midtown Reader Book Events Tallahassee, FL September 2019 & 2021
Featured during Church Services:
Deer Lake United Methodist Church, Tallahassee, FL September 2022
First Baptist Church, Trussville, AL September 2021
Church52, Indianapolis, IN September 2021
Dawson Street Baptist Church, Thomasville, GA September 2021
Faceville Baptist Church, Bainbridge, GA  June 2021
Redeemer West, NYC, September 2011

Redeemer Downtown & Redeemer Lincoln Square, NYC Feb, 2020
Midlands Christian Center Estcourt, KZN, South Africa Jan, 2020
Christ Church Strand, Cape Town, South Africa July, 2019

St Olav Church, Durban, South Africa (upcoming)
Midlands Community Centre, South Africa (upcoming)
Holy Trinity Church Scottburgh, South Africa (upcoming)

Sunday Schools/Bible Studies:
Jubliee Christian Center, Virginia Women's conference, May 2020
Trinity Church Zoom Meeting, Puerto Rico, March 2020
Dorado Damas Club Zoom Meeting, Puerto Rico, March 2020

First United Methodist Church Clermont, FL Feb, 2020
First Baptist Church Tallahassee, December 2001

Special Events hosted by churches:
Beauty from Brokenness  conference sponsored by Nozomi Project Tokyo, Japan October 2016
Christ Church Hilton, Hilton, South Africa July 2022
Christ Church Newlands, Durban, South Africa July 2022
St Peter's Anglican, Tallahassee, Fl May 2023
Killearn United Methodist annual women's conference Tallahassee, Fl November 2021
Wildwood Presbyterian Tallahassee, FL September 2021
First Baptist Church Lloyd, Florida  June, 2021

Tana City Church Antananarivo, Madagascar, July, 2019
First Baptist Church Tallahassee, FL Oct, 2019
Rosebank Union Church Rays of Hope fundraiser Pretoria, South Africa, July, 2019

A Place Called Through virual conference (featured speaker) April 24, 2021
Colleges, Schools & Youth Groups:
Florida Southern University September 2023
Mercer University September 2023

Wesley Foundation FSU/TCC, Tallahassee, FL 2022
Junior Tours student tour groups Manhattan, NYC (approx. 250 groups between 2002-2020)

Leon High School, Tallahassee, FL Sept, 2021 & 2022
Cobb Middle School Tallahassee, FL Sept, 2019
John Jay College Manhattan, NY Jan, 2021
School of Arts & Sciences Tallahassee, FL Sept, 2019
Christ Classical Academy Tallahassee, FL Sept, 2019
Home School Groups of Tallahassee and Moticello, Sept 2019

Grace College, Durban, South Africa, May 2020 (Zoom)
Bay Shore Baptist Youth Group (Tampa, FL), February 2020
LoveTrust School, Hillbrow, South Africa, January 2020
Killearn United Methodist, Tallahassee, FL September 2021

Community/Senior Citizen Events:
Tampa Rotary Club September 2023
Rotary Club Tallahassee, FL April 2022
Discovery Village Melbourne, FL Feb, 2020
Westminster Palms St. Pete, FL Feb, 2020

King's Ridge Community of Clermont, FL Feb, 2020
Westminster Oaks Tallahassee, FL 2021
Southwood Events Tallahassee, FL September 2021
Conferences & Lecture Series:

Keynote Speaker, Michigan Environmental Health Association, March 2022
Marriott Pulse lecture series Manhattan, NYC  2-4 events per month March 2019-March 2020
Mayo C.I. May 2021       Suwanee C.I June 2021     Baker C.I. June 2021
Madison C.I.  September 2021 & 2022

Let me know if you'd like me to be the speaker at your next gathering!