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Newspapers and magazines (print & online)

The NY Daily News "Hear the Prayers of the People"   May 2024
The NY Daily News "Being a Mensch for National Good Samaritan Day  March 2024
The NY Daily News  "What to do to Mark World AIDS Day"      December 2023
The NY Daily News   "Touring the WTC Before and After"  September 2023
The NY Daily News "Larry Kramer's death and his Life"  May 2023
The NY Daily News "One woman and her camera saved millions: Honoring Alice Seeley Harris on International Women’s Day for her photos of Congo atrocities". March 2023
The NY Daily News "How Alabama Kids Paid their Last Respects to Lena Horne" October 2022
The NY Daily News 
"Downtown Manhattan's Endurance After 9/11" September 2022
Saturday Evening Post
"The Woman Who Shut Down 5th Avenue"  April 2024
Saturday Evening Post "A Rebel with A Cause: One Person’s Battle for Women with HIV/AIDS"  March 2024
Saturday Evening Post "Orphan Trains and Children's Aid: The Compassion of Charles Loring Brace"  Nov 2023
Saturday Evening Post "The 19th Century Photographer who Shined a light on American Poverty" August 2023
Saturday Evening Post "The Forgotten Miracle of the 9/11 Boat Evacuation"  September 2021
Saturday Evening Post "Helping Afghan Refugees Find Home in Tallahassee"  May 2022
The Star-Ledger (New Jersey) "To My 9/11 Heroes in New Jersey, Thank you!"  September 2021
Gannett Des Moines Register (Iowa), Athens Banner-Herald (Georgia), Savannah Morning News, The Augusta Chronicle (Georgia) "How the Statue of Liberty revived my confidence"  September 2021
The Times-Union (Albany, NY)"For a Tour Guide, 9/11 Prompts NEW NYC Narrative"  September 2021
The Times-Union  "Staying Strong Through the 9/11 Shadows"  September 2022
American Theatre Magazine "The Power of Music"  September 2021
The Theatre Times   "The Return of the Musical Titanic to NYC"    May 2024
The Lonely Planet "I've been a NYC Tour Guide 26 years, and could be out of work until 2025"  February 2021
The Lonely Planet "Remembering The Sphere on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11"  September 2021
Fox News Opinion "9/11 Radically Changed my Faith, and helped me endure COVID-19 almost 20 years Later"  September 2020

Christian Publications
The Alabama Baptist "Reflections"  September 2021
The Banner "How 9/11 Changed Me"  August 2021
The Banner "How Refugees made me fall in love with my Hometown"  September 2022
The Banner "A Turn of the Century Missionary who Stood up to a King"  November 2022
Baptist News Global "Peter Makapela: One man's journey from Racial Hatred to Racial Reconciliation"   August 2022
Baptist News Global "New Initiatives takes CS Lews to college campuses"  November 2022
Bible Advocate "Out of the Shadow of 9/11" September 2021
Caring Magazine
, "Surviving 9/11"  September 2021
CBN "A 9/11 and COVID Survivor's Reflections on our Cataclysmic Times and God's Power to Save"  September 2020
Charisma Magazine "9-11 Survivor: How God Sustained me in the Aftermath of Terror" September 2021
Christian Devotions "The Change of 9/11"  September 2021
Christian Headlines  "World AIDS Day and South Africa"  December 2023
Christian Headlines "How Tim Keller Influenced My Life"      August 2023
Christian Headlines "Florida Christians Raise Concerns about Bill Criminalizing the Transportation of Undocumented Immigrants" April 2023
ChristianHeadlines "How God Restored my Soul After the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks"  September 2021
ChristianHeadlines "How 9/11 and then COVID-19 Forever Strengthened My Faith" September 2020
The Christian Post  "PCA pastor, actor, and professional actor, says role brings new crowds to Jesus" Dec 2023
The Christian Post "How I came to know the Real Jesus through 9/11" September 2020
The Christian Post "The Miracle of the 9/11 Boat Evacuation"  September 2021
The Christian Post "Pastor-model mentored by Tim Keller shares path to ministry" May 2023
The Christian Post "How a Mission Trip Inspired a Fashion Industry Veteran to Launch a 'Purpose-Driven Shoe Brand"  February 2022
The Christian Post "How Campus Crusade and a Personal Relationship with Christ led one man on a mission trip to save lives" July 2022
The Christian Post "How God is using an ex-Hindu's Christian conversion to transform thousands of lives"  October 2022
The Christian Standard "Our 9/11 Journey" September 2021
Christianity Today "Capture this...." August 2023
Christian Today "Is it Wrong to Laugh at "Bad Worship" videos on Youtube?"  December 2022
Christian Today
"How a South African orphan's faith in God gave him the strength to graduate from Medical school" May 2023
City to City  "A Neighbor for Chelsea" March 2023
Common Good    "Still, There is Hope for the City"  February 2024
Common Good     "Where the Neon Lights are Bright" October 2023
Common Good "The Decades-long Project to get Occupational Therapists in Madagascar"  May 2023
Common Good "Tony Hale Still HAs His Eyes Open"  May 2023
Common Good "Remembering a City in Mourning. Picturing a City of Hope."  September 2022
Common Good "She built an Island of Green in a Concrete Desert"  September 2022
Common Good "How the Thousands Year Story of Beer Took New Life In New York"  October 2022
Decision Magazine "COVID, 9/11, and Leaving behind a Shallow Faith" April 2021
Decision Magazine  "Ministering After 9/11"  September 2021
The Gospel Coalition "God Sustained me in COVID-19 as He did on 9/11"  April 2020
The Gospel Coalition  "How God Used September 11"  September 2021
The Gospel Coalition "Dance Unto the Lord"  May 2022
JOY! magazine "Serving the disabled in Madagascar"  September 2022
JOY! magazine "Finding Christ after the 9/11 Tragedy"  September 2022
Just Between Us "Out of the Shadow of 9/11" September 2019
Just Between Us "Coronavirus"  May 2020
Just Between Us "Lessons Learned from 9/11"  September 2021
Life in the Gospel "The Gospel at Work in Madagascar"    February 2024
Life in the Gospel   "An Actor Brings His Faith Into His Work". October 2023
Life in the Gospel "New Life from the Tragedy of 9/11"  September 2021
Life in the Gospel 
"What I learned from my near-fatal battle with Covid" April 2022
Life in the Gospel 
"The Scars of Racism can only be Healed by Jesus Christ"  January 2023
Life in the Gospel "Ginny Owens is Singing in the Dark"    April 2023
Life in the Gospel
"A Polish Church comes to the aid of Ukrainian War Refugees"  August 2023
Mere Orthodoxy     "New One"     March 2024
Mere Orthodoxy "The Legacy of Lena Horne"  March 2023
Mere Orthodoxy "The St James Massacre and Forgiveness"     September 2023
Mere Orthodoxy "The Sphere, 20 Years Later"  September 2021
Mere Orthodoxy "
Hephzibah House: a Beacon of Hospitality in NYC" July 2022
Missio Alliance "Anniversary Effect Trauma"  September 2021
Outreach Magazine "9/11 and COVID-19: How God Turned my Fear into Faith" May 2020
Outreach Magazine "How I Found a Deeper Faith in the Aftermath of 9/11" September 2020
Premier Christianity "What I want the Younger Generation to know about 9/11"  September 2021
Prism/Christians for Social Action "Sojourners on Earth, Citizens of Heaven" September 2021
My series for Prism/Christians for Social Action entitled, "Waymakers-Heroes of the Faith" every Monday in April 2022 Ben Virgo Tara Flynn Tiffany Ouyang. Claire Kretzschmar Dimas Salaberrios

Prism/Christians for Social Action "How One Polish Church is Welcoming Ukrainian Refugees"  May 2022
Tallahassee Democrat "Christian Singer Ginny Owens"  September 2022
Today's Christian Living "The Great Redeemer Turns Tragedy into Triumph" January 2020 
Today's Christian Living "Another Close Call" April 2020
Touchstone "Waking up on 9/11"   September 2021
United Methodist News  "9/11 Sparked life change for Eyewitness"  September 2022
United Methodist News "Encounter at a Nicaraguan Dump proves life-changing" December 2022
The Upper Room  devotional for September 11, 2023
The War Cry  "The Salvation Army & Me"  September 2021
Woman Alive  "Reflections from a 9/11 Survivor"   September 2021
Word&Way "Faith, Family, and Broadway Music"  May 2022
Word&Way "Reckoning with the 9/11 Anniversary Effect"  September 2022
World "Remembering 9/11 from a NYC apartment"  September 2021
Contributing Author: 

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Lessons Learned from my Dog, Amy Newmark. My chapter (starting on page 153) is titled, "My 9:11 Angel"
Before You Go
, Author Jack Hempfling Contributing Chapter
88 More Ways Music Can Change Your Life, Authors Vincent James and Joann Pierdomenico Contributing Chapter
Quotes/Commentary/Interview Articles
Authority Magazine "Christina Ray Stanton: The Power of Flexibility"  November 2020 
Authority Magazine "Social Impact Authors: How & Why Christina Ray Stanton of Loving All Nations is Helping to Change Our World" July 2021
Choose Tallahassee "From the Big City to a Smaller Community: A Move During COVID-19" November 2020
Closer "9-11: Twenty Years On"  September 2021 "What if COVID is Chronic?" March 2021
Marie Claire "15 Couples on how 2020 Rocked Their Relationship" December 2020
Modern Dog "Tiny Dog Stories, 9/11 Angel"  Fall 2021
Reader's Digest "How the Pandemic Changed my Bucket List" October 2020 
ScarySymptoms "COVID-19 Long Hauler, 51, Suffers Hair Loss, Can't Taste Food"  October 2020
Thrive Global "Christina Ray Stanton: Become an Expert" December 2020
The Wall Street Journal "Greener Pastures Don't Appeal to All who Left NYC" January 2021
The Washington Post "Torn Between Embracing Your Pandemic Looks or Changing Them" May 2021
The Washington Post "White-Lotus vs Reality"  December 2022
Articles Profiling Christina 
Black Christian News Network One "Christina Stanton Shares how 9/11 affected her Relationship with Christ" September 2019
CBN's Frontlines magazine, August 2020
ChristianHeadlines "How Witnessing 9/11 Brought One Woman Closer to Christ" September 2019 
ChristianHeadlines "How 9/11 and then COVID Forever Strengthened my Faith" April 2020
The Christian Post "Redeemer Presbyterian Missions Director shares how 9/11 Terror Attacks Changed her Faith"  September 2019
Coveteur "What's it's like to leave NYC during the pandemic" April 2016 "9/11 Survivor Recounts Tragedy, Says It 'Deepened Her Relationship With Christ"  September 2019 "How Witnessing 9/11 Brought One Woman Closer to Christ" September 2019
The Den (Mercer University) "Alumna Keeps History of Sept 11 Memory Alive" September 2021
Legiontown (American Legion) "The Statue of Liberty & 9/11" September 2021
Swift "What 24 Married Couples Say Makes a good Marriage"  February 2021
The Tallahassee Magazine "A 9/11 Perspective: Home is Where the Help Is" September 2019 
The Tallahassee Magazine "Christina Stanton Shares a Different 9/11 Perspective" January 2020 
The Tallahassee Magazine "Leon High Graduate fought Coronavirus" March/April 2020 
The Tallahassee Democrat "Tallahassee native saw plane hit tower on Sept 11" September 2019
The Tallahassee Democrat "Lest we Forget" September 2021
The Tallahassee Democrat "Circle of Life leads from Tallahassee to NYC on a Song" Nov 2015
Website blog of Redeemer Presbyterian NYC "God Used Redeemer during 9/11"
International Features
Acontecer Cristiano    Comunhao  adiberj (Rio de Janeiro) CPAD News   La Hora 
The Christian Messenger (India)  "Faith in the Face of COVID-19" March 2021
The Daily Star (Bangladesh) "A Memory from 20 Years Ago" September 2021
IOL (South Africa) "We Still Need Reminding of the Ties that Bind"  September 2021
The Manilla Times (Philippines) "20th Anniversary of 9/11" September 2021
Modern Ghana (Ghana)  "9/11: A Memory" September 2021
Opinion Nigeria (Nigeria) "9/11: A Memory"  September 2021 
Woman Alive (UK) "Reflections from a 9/11 Survivor" September 2021
The World News (Sierra Leone) "20 Years Ago" September 2021