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Authority mag (July edition), The World, Christianity Today, Charisma, Touchstone, The Christian Journal, The Christian Standard, Bible Advocate/Now What?, The Banner, Caring Magazine, The Gospel Coalition, Prism/Christians for Social Action, christiandevotions.us, The Christian Post, Decision Magazine (all in September), The History Magazine (October edition)

Published Articles:
The Lonely Planet "I've been a NYC Tour Guide 26 years, and could be out of work until 2025" February 2021
The Gospel Coalition "God Sustained me in COVID-19 as He did on 9/11" April 2020
Decision Magazine "COVID, 9/11, and Leaving behind a Shallow Faith" April 2021
Fox News Opinion "9/11 Radically Changed my Faith, and helped me endure COVID-19 almost 20 years Later" September 2020
CBN "A 9/11 and COVID Survivor's Reflections on our Cataclysmic Times and God''s Power to Save" September 2020
The Christian Post "How I came to know the Real Jesus through 9/11" September 2020
The Christian Messenger, "Faith in the Face of COVID-19" March 2021
Outreach Magazine "9/11 and COVID-19: How God Turned my Fear into Faith" May 2020
Outreach Magazine "How I Found a Deeper Faith in the Aftermath of 9/11" September 2020
Today's Christian Living "The Great Redeemer Turns Tragedy into Triumph" January 2020 
Today's Christian Living "Another Close Call" April 2020
Just Between Us "Out of the Shadow of 9/11" September 2019
Just Between Us "Coronavirus" May 2020
ChristianHeadlines "How 9/11 and then COVID-19 Forever Strengthened My Faith" September 2020
ScarySymptoms "COVID-19 Long Hauler, 51, Suffers Hair Loss, Can't Taste Food"  October 2020
Choose Tallahasee  "From the Big City to a Smaller Community: A Move During COVID-19" November 2020

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Before You Go, Author Jack Hempfling Contributing Chapter
88 More Ways Music Can Change Your Life, Authors Vincent James and Joann Pierdomenico Contributing Chapter
Quotes/Commentary Articles
Authority Magazine "Christina Ray Stanton: The Power of Flexibility"  November 2020 
Reader's Digest "How the Pandemic Changed my Bucket List" October 2020 
Marie Claire "15 Couples on how 2020 Rocked Their Relationship" December 2020
Thrive Global "Christina Ray Stanton: Become an Expert" December 2020
The Epoch Times "Tales of Pandemic Weight Loss and Gain" December 2020
The Wall Street Journal "Greener Pastures Don't Appeal to All who Left NYC" January 2021
HealthCenter.org "What if COVID is Chronic?" March 2021
The Washington Post "Torn Between Embracing Your Pandemic Looks or Changing Them" May 2021

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NTD News, September 2020
LADBible, September 2020
Mashable.com, February 2020
Fox News Interview, September 2019
Fox News Interview and write up, 2019
CBN News (Christian Broadcasting Network), September 2019
CBN News, April 2020
Eric Metaxas Show TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network), September 2019

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Artfully Told, March 2021
A Place Called Through, February 2021 
Fox News Radio Interview, September 2020
WYTV7 What's Your Story?, October 2020
Christian Girls P.O.P Podcast November 2020 
Mostly Just Stories Podcast April 2017
Something Significant Interview, November 2020
Fox News Radio Interview, September 2019 
Fox News Radio Interview, April 2020
NPR Interview, September 8th, 2019 WFSU
NPR Interview, October 2020 WFSU
NY Gritty Podcast April 2021
Conquering Everest  Podcast April 2021
Blakopolypse Podcast May 2021
What Just Happened Podcast, November 2020 

Articles Profiling Christina:
The Christian Post "Redeemer Presbyterian Missions Director shares how 9/11 Terror Attacks Changed her Faith" September 2019
The Tallahassee Magazine "A 9/11 Perspective: Home is Where the Help Is" September 2019 
The Tallahassee Magazine "Christina Stanton Shares a Different 9/11 Perspective" January 2020 
The Tallahassee Magazine "How Witnessing 9/11 Brought One Woman Closer to Christ" March/April 2020 
The Tallahassee Democrat "How 9/11 and then COVID Forever Strengthened my Faith" September 2019
ChristianHeadlines  "How Witnessing 9/11 Brought One Woman Closer to Christ" September 2019 
ChristianHeadlines "9/11 Survivor Recounts Tragedy, Says It 'Deepened Her Relationship With Christ" April 2020
CBN's Frontlines magazine, August 2020
Black Christian News Network One, September 2019
The Tallahassee Democrat, Nov 2015
Coveteur, April 2016

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Becoming 31 blog post, June 2020
Midtown Reader Book Store blog post, September 2019
Book Review by Stephanie Kostopoulos, September 2019
Website blog of Redeemer Presbyterian NYC (Founder, Timothy Keller)
Swift, February 2021

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Acontecer Cristiano 
adiberj (Rio de Janeiro)