1) JUST BETWEEN US, a Christian women's website 

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6) Spanish- language articles Acontecer Cristiano, adiberj (Rio de Janeiro), CPAD News 

7) Fox News Live Interview and write up

8) Reporter Lauren Green and Christina at Fox News Radio, Podcast  


9) Christina being interviewed at the 9-11 Memorial by Paul Strand from CBN News (Christian Broadcasting Network), aired on the 700 Club September 11, 2019

10) NPR Interview, September 8th, 2019 WFSU

11) Host Greg Tish interviewing Christina on Real Talk  93.3

12) ChristianHeadlines, September 2019

13) Crosswalk.com, September 2019

14) Christina being interivewed on the Eric Metaxas Show (Eric is to her left) with her husband Brian (to the right). This show aired on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) September 11, 2019